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Placenta Encapsulators

Do you or someone you know offer placenta encapsulation in the St. Cloud area? If so, please consider membership!

Jean Ann Hartley, LM, CPM

Wildflower Midwifery

Est. 2014

hartleymidwifery@outlook.com | 254-295-7657

When I had my own children, I searched for midwifery care but was unable to find it in the rural area I lived. Later, I moved to Texas and discovered the Association of TX Midwives. I started school in September 2010. After graduation, apprenticing with four different midwives and passing the NARM Exam, I began looking for the best place to start my business. I moved back to MN to serve the rural population as well as urban. I enjoy collaborating with and educating birthing families. I truly believe that if you don't understand the choices you face in pregnancy and birth, then you actually have no choice.


Education: BA - Cornell College, Juris Doctorate - Southern Illinois University, ATM Midwifery Training Program, CPM (credentialed by NARM). MN licensed Midwife

Sonya Chamberlain, CPM, LM

Brainerd Lakes Midwifery LLC

est. 2014

midwifesonya@gmail.com | 218-454-0909

Sonya Chamberlain has worked as a doula, childbirth educator, and now credentialed midwife in the Brainerd Lakes Area for the past 8 years. Brainerd Lakes Midwifery is honored to serve families within a 90 mile radius of the Brainerd Lakes (includes St. Cloud) with home birth, midwifery care, waterbirth, placenta encapsulation, and more!


Education: BA, MFA, CPM (credentialed by NARM), MN Licensed Midwife

Brittney Volker, CST, CBE

Seven Spiral Birth and Holistic Services

Est. 2014

sevenspiralbirth@gmail.com | 320-304-4873

Brittney is a gifted provider of Craniosacral Therapy, placenta encapsulation, and breastfeeding support. She is also the proud mother of 5 beautiful kids. Brittney approaches her work with great respect for the human body and its incredible design. She enjoys helping women and their partners navigate pregnancy and early parenthood, whether it be the first time or the 10th! Her deep understanding of body balancing can help alleviate a variety of pregnancy pains, breastfeeding concerns, and several early issues with infants (colic, digestive issues, ear infections, etc).

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