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All About Doulas


Date: Oct 2019 TBD 

Location: For All of Maternity, St. Cloud, MN


Because The Birth Community LOVES doulas and supports a woman's choice to have one, we do our best to help mainstream the work doulas do. Are you looking for a doula in the St. Cloud area? The “All About Doulas” panel is a free interactive session for the community in the St. Cloud area to learn more about the role of a doula and the benefits of hiring one. After a brief presentation, the doulas on our panel will lead a Q&A session where you are welcome to ask whatever questions you may have about doula work.


You don't need to be pregnant to attend, just interested in learning about doulas! If you're considering a career as a doula, this session is also for you! 


This informational session changes nights/times to accommodate schedules, so please make sure to check the community calendar for the next available “All About Doulas” event if you miss the one above!

doula with client in labor

What is a doula?

A birth doula is a trained, nonmedical professional who supports a woman (and her partner) during pregnancy and childbirth. She offers information so the woman can make informed decisions regarding her experience, and she offers physical comfort measures, emotional support, and encouragement. Her continuous presence helps keep a woman relaxed, calm, and focused. A doula enhances the partner or husband’s role by offering suggestions on how to be effectively involved and by relieving them of the stress and pressure of being the only support person. Contrary to the medical professionals (who are responsible for the health and wellbeing of mom and baby), a doula can focus her attention solely on empowering the woman, or couple, through the entire childbirth experience.

This interview gives some good highlights about what a doula does.


Why should I hire a doula?

The presence of a doula has been shown through many studies to:
~ decrease the length of labor by 25%
~ reduce the use of pain medications by 9%
~ decrease the C-section rate by 28%
~ decrease the use of pitocin by 31%
~ lower the number of women who rate their childbirth experience negatively by 34%
~ raise maternal confidence
~ improve bonding between mother and baby
~ reduce the number of interventions (forceps, vacuum)
~ strengthen the relationship between partners
~ help ensure you reach breastfeeding goals